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2011 - Pre-Show

"McDaravill" Expands - The McDara Mohr & the McQuillans Move In

Koroneburg 2011 (at least the McDara Village portion) saw an Increase in Construction beginning December 5th!

The McDara Mohr took possession of a new-to-them home... then literally dragged it from the other side of Koroneburg!  New stucco, paint, windows, and a whole lot of TLC made a shed into a lovely home!

The McQuillans (AKA "Two Bergers, a Dog, and Three Small Fries") are built a new home based upon the 6th Century Church on Saint MacDara Island, Ireland.  Essentially the same size and shape, it barely reached "Faire Ready" status the week before Koroneburg opened.

The "Small Fries" all agree that it beats sleeping in the tent!

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